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UC+ Open Platform

Super App

An app that has a large user base, high usage rate, and the ability to support extended services by acting as a platform for third party apps and services.

Light App

“Light App” is a collective name for apps and services, regardless of their technology format, that run on a host app like UC Browser. They are light & nimble, requiring no or minimal downloading, installation, and updating.

Super App + Light App takes the form of plugins on the UC+ Open Platform to bring you as developers the following benefits:

1. Reach out to customers at lower cost.
2. Support in technology and product development, operations, distribution, monetization, etc.
3. Reach out to the Chinese and emerging markets.

  • Large Userbase

    Distribute your add-ons via UC Add-ons and get them used by millions of UC users

  • Personalization

    Users can manage add-ons to meet personal demands.

  • Greater Functions

    Add-ons let users enhance specific areas of their browsing experience

  • Open APIs

    Webpages can activate add-ons via general APIs and pass parameters to UC Browser

Join Us!

UCWeb welcomes all plugin developers to partner with us on our UC+ Open Platform. Email: addon@ucweb.com the name and a short description of your product today to let 400 million users worldwide know your brand!