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UC Browser Launches Bahasa Indonesia version

2010-10-09 From: UC Mobile

In August 2010, we announced the Bahasa Indonesian version of UC Browser available to all mobile internet users in Indonesia with Indonesian government and mobile service providers. Today, we have good news for our Indonesian users: we have made available our original Bahasa Indonesia version. Right now we provide the Java and Symbian versions, but we can provide the all platform versions with our 7.4 release. You can now visit our wapsite to download it. 


Indonesia is now home to the third largest population of mobile internet users in Asia. We are looking forward to working in this huge market and seeing the fast growing speed of it. We released UC Browser English version (Indonesia) last December, trying to provide our leading technology to our Indonesian users. With the continued investing in the Indonesian market, we believe we can make our user base there increase. That's the initiative to developing the UC Browser Bahasa Indonesia version. 


In this fully localized version, our users can enjoy fantastic internet without worrying about their data plans, as all the data has been compressed up to 85% during the transferring process. Users can visit sites much easier through our wonderful Pre-fetch technology, allowing you to browse uninterrupted, and connect to the internet with stability even with a flaky connection environment through the Free-link technology. You can also choose to download your favorite music, pictures or software, with our powerful build-in Download Manager, which provides Breakpoint Transmission and multi-task support. We also have a Fully Keyboard Shortcut support, and even for the users who like browsing at night, we provide the great Night Mode for browsing while protecting your eyes. Try them and tell us your thoughts on our forum. 

We're very happy to provide this for our Indonesian users, and this is just the start. We are planning to provide more local language versions for users all over the world. You can keep yourself updated by joining our forum or following us on Facebook.