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UC Browser for Java 8.9: Now with more convenient features

2013-02-01 From: UCweb Inc.

We always like to hear our users’ feedback, because it allows us to keep building a better and better browser with each version! We’ve heard what you asked for, and now with UC Browser Version 8.9 for Java, we got some great new features to enhance our users’ browsing convenience. 

Here’s what we’ve put in this update to improve your browsing experience on Java phones:


Incognito Browsing 
For your convenience and privacy, when you activate Incognito Browsing your browsing history will not be recorded while it’s active. 
Improved Search Bar 
The search bar is now better than ever, with tabbed search engines and a drop-down menu offering your previously search terms as you type your query into the search box. This allows you to quickly switch between different search engines for different content, like between YouTube and IMDB, and get more relevant search suggestions. 
Select and Copy
The Select and Copy function has been enhanced, allowing you to see how many characters you are selecting in real time. This can help with sharing content where character limits are an issue, such as on Twitter and when sending an SMS. 
Optimized Text Input
Better support for inputting non-English text and for inputting text via Java phones with QWERTY and virtual keypads.
Enjoy enhanced browsing convenience with this version! Check out our official website at: http://www.ucweb.com. Also, let us know your feedback on:Facebook or Twitter.