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UC Browser 2.0 for iPad - A greatly enhanced browsing and downloading experience

2013-04-08 From: UCWeb Inc.

We have a very special update for our iPad users! UC Browser 2.0 for iPad contains several significant improvements, greatly enhancing the browsing and downloading functionality of the browser. 

Here’s all the excellent new features we’ve packed into this version: 
View It Later
Make web content (including videos, pictures, and articles) that you want to view later available offline, then enjoy them later even without a network connection. So if you have a favorite webpage of images or favorite videos you always like to view, you can permanently save these to your iPad and view them regardless of being connected to the internet or not. 
Cloud Acceleration
Advanced cloud compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85%, and greatly reduce loading times in WWW webpages. Sometimes you just want to get information from the web fast, and Cloud Acceleration is perfect for this. 
Cloud Download
With your UC ID, Cloud Download makes it possible for you to download files of various formats onto the Cloud server fast. So if you find a large file but you don’t have the time or the network condition to download it right then, you can save it to servers of UC and download it later to your iPad.
Advanced Hardware Rendering
This greatly improves webpages' rendering speed, which means better webpage displays and reduced waiting times.
Night Mode
Unique night browsing mode is perfect for you when using your device in dark conditions, like during some late night reading.
New UI
A complete UI redesign. Now it is greater, simpler, and faster.
Go grab UC Browser 2.0 for iPad and enjoy all these new features!
You can check out our official website at: http://www.ucweb.com.
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