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UC Browser for iPhone 9.0 : to Find, to Get and to Share

2013-04-11 From: UCWeb Inc.

(Beijing, Apr 11, 2013) UCWeb, Inc. (UCWeb), the largest third party mobile internet browser worldwide with 400 million users, has announced the release of its newest product: UC Browser v9.0 for iPhone.  Its primary aim is to improve users ability to find, get and share. Specifically it allows users to not only easily find and download content but freely and conveniently share it.


UCWeb never underestimates the importance of localization. Based on a survey of phone users' habits in the Asian-Pacific market, UCWeb claims that 52.8% users prefer to watch videos on their phones rather than their PC and TV. This survey also showed an increasing tendency to watch videos offline, with 57.5% users often downloading videos to their phones to watch them later. Therefore, UCWeb attaches much importance to Video functionality in new feature development, which will become clear after exploring the new features for this version. 


The previous version of UC Browser for iPhone introduced the features of Cloud Download and Watch Offline. These enabled users to both download very large files to UCWeb’s Cloud servers and download videos from popular online video sharing websites. In the latest version, UC Browser introduces Wi-Fi Sharing. Those who use these features can now move the files they have downloaded to devices under the same Wi-Fi network without the use of any cables. iTunes is not required to use Wi-Fi Sharing. UC Browser currently is the only mobile browser that offers this function.


Beside sharing files by Wi-Fi, considering it is currently common for people to own and use many different devices to browse the web, UCWeb developed Cloud Sync, which is a new type of Cloud service that enables users to keep their bookmarks and tabs consistent across all their devices. With the release of UC Browser v2.0 for iPad recently, users of both these versions of UC Browser can look forward to keeping their browsing experience constant across their devices. 


The homepage is the starting point of all users, so with this version there has been significant improvements made to its functionality. Shortcuts can now be organized on UC Browser’s homepage in the same way apps can be organized on iPhones. 


This feature demonstrates UC Browser’s commitment to the design philosophy of ‘consistency of operation’. As iPhone users, users of this version of UC Browser are already familiar with this system of organization. Therefore, this reduces the time it takes to learn how to organize files in UC Browser. 


Since its inception in 2004, UCWeb has been playing a pivotal role in the mobile internet industry. UC Browser is also the pioneer in cloud computing technology and has developed a strong network of partners across various domains. It has proved to be a winning partner for its cooperating clients and has helped them achieve and maintain a strong user base.