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Windows Phone 3.0: Go Faster, Browse Easier, and Organize More

2013-05-28 From: UCWeb Inc.

UCWeb, Inc. (UCWeb), the largest third party mobile internet browser worldwide with 400 million users, has announced the newest version of its advanced Windows Phone browser: UC Browser for Windows Phone 3.0. This version has been enhanced from the previous to take more advantage of the powerful Windows Phone platform, enabling greater increases in speed, east of use, and organization. 


During the creation of this version, one of the major emphasis was on developing the organizational capability of the browser. This has resulted in a significant overhaul and improvement of the home page, with the new ability to move and contract Speed Dails like Tiles in WP8. To further aid in organization, the My Collection item has been introduced. The My Collection item is a completely customizable list of browsing tools, such as Downloads and Themes, located on the homepage for quick access. 


Furthermore, there has also been improvements made to the downloading and browsing speed of the browser. The browser has been specially optimized to give download speed increases of 40%-100%, along with an increase in page loading speeds. 


The overall usability of the version has also been improved, with the inclusion of an easier way to exit the browser (pressing back twice at the home page), as well as the support of entering domain names in different languages for more convenient browsing. A QR Code scanner has also been included, located on the address bar for easy access. In WP8, this version is also the first to support Vietnamese. 


With all these improvements combined, UCWeb hopes to deliver to its users an innovative browser with enhancements in speed, ease of use and organization. The development team is currently communicating with users to receive feedback on this version and will continue to research and develop the browser to its users’ satisfaction.