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UCWeb announces entering into North America

2011-09-29 From: UC

[TechWeb news] September 27,Yu Yongfu,CEO of UCWeb,announced in silicon valley China wireless mobile convention(SVCWM2011), UC Browser has over 20 million overseas users and the India market share of more than 20%.



Yu Yongfu,CEO of UCWeb: UCWeb will enter into North American market


"Mobile Internet entrepreneurs have maximum chance overseas, China and the United States will form double center in global mobile Internet market in the future." Yu said that in the past ten years, the United States had always been the global Internet innovation center, which caused other countries and regions only could imitate or follow. But in mobile Internet era, situation is different. At present China,the world's largest mobile Internet market, has more than 800 million cell phone users and 350 million mobile Internet users. Growth speed of Asia's mobile Internet is faster than North America and Europe. Yu considered that, over the next 10 years, China's mobile Internet enterprise would have the opportunity to compete with the United States in the international market.


Yu said China mobile Internet experienced three times: "thumb" era of SMS,"forefinger" era of mobile network, and "OK" era of mobile Internet age.


"thumb" era means the period of early keyboard mobile phones, mainly using thumb to operate SMS; "Forefinger" era means cell phones with touch screen era, people use forefinger to input on touch screen; At present, with development of iPhone, Android, users who visit web site through mobile phone browser,can get the same effect as PC. Gesture of operation like "OK", when users zoom with their thumb and forefinger.


On September 8th UCWeb announced that UC Browser total download has broken through 1 billion times all around the world, and released the browser product UC 8 ,using the independent research and development of mobile browser kernel U3.