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UCWeb Pushes Gaming by Bringing Top Web Games to Mobile Platforms

2013-07-26 From: UCWeb

July 26, Shanghai, UCWeb, a global leading provider of mobile internet software & services today announced that it has entered into distribution & operations agreements for 3 compelling games - DDtank, Zui Xi You (Enamored Journey to the West), and Kuang Lu Ren Zhe Cun (Village of Ninjas) in China. Under the agreements, UCWeb’s wholly owned subsidiary that operates its gaming business – UC 9game, China’s No.2 publisher and operator of mobile games, will become the exclusive publisher and operator of DDtank and Kuang Lu Ren Zhe Cun on mobile platforms, i.e. Android, iOS; UC 9game will jointly develop the mobile versions of Zui Xi You and act as its exclusive publisher and operator at the same time. In addition, UCWeb’s goal for 2013 is to share RMB 300 million in revenue split with game partners.


Shunyan Zhu, COO of UCWeb said: “We will see many web games extending presence to the mobile platforms in the second half of 2013, it’ll become an industry trend. UC 9game will accelerate this migration by providing assistance to game developers in the development, publishing, and operations. The mobile game platform that UCWeb has built not only provides opportunities to game developers, but also creates an environment where we all benefit. Last year, we already shared more than RMB 100 million in revenue split with our partners, this year, we hope to triple this figure to RMB 300 million.”


Shunyan Zhu believes that successful web games already established their reputation and built quality user base, they are more likely to succeed as well if the developers can make the move to the mobile platforms. What they may be lacking is the understanding of the unique needs of mobile users and how to adapt to the mobile network and multitude of devices, these are exactly what UC 9game is good at and can help with.


Both DDtank and Zui Xi You have been top web games in China. DDtank is a multiplayer Web-based shooting game, the first web game to break the RMB 100 million (approx. US$ 16 million) monthly revenue mark. It has established a genre of its own, sustaining popularity 3 years after its launch and its steady revenue generation capability has been coveted by game developers. Zui Xi You is a web-based MMORPG game themed on Chinese mythology; it was launched in August 2012 and now has been a hot game with multi-million US dollars monthly revenue.


Kuang Lu Ren Zhe Cun is a compelling strategy game with Ninjas as main characters. “Kuang Lu Ren Zhe Cun is developed by a team of only 10 people, but the team convinced us with a great product. UC 9game has been supporting small and medium sized developers all along, we don’t charge on advertisement for these developers and we match our support in resources according to the rating of the product quality. UC 9game has a RMB 100 million growth fund to support small & medium sized developers; we can invest in the team, even pay in advance for the game being developed. “ commented Shunyan Zhu.