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UCWeb’s 9Game Announcing Business Strategies for 2015

2015-03-19 From: UCWeb

-- 9Game Generated RMB 900 Million in Revenue for Developers Last Year --


Beijing, March 16, 2015 – UCWeb Inc., the global leading provider of mobile Internet software and services, today held a press conference at the China National Convention Center in Beijing announcing its business strategies in 2015 for its gaming business 9Game. The new strategies are intended to elevate and adapt 9Game’s game distribution and customer outreach abilities in an evolving marketplace as well as provide extensive and valuable resources to help individual and small game developers grow through an updated developer support program.


Last year has seen 9Game’s quick soaring as it generated more than RMB 900 million (approximately USD 144 million) in revenue for developers and steadily expanded its game pipelines. The new blueprint is set to take 9Game one step closer to offering more comprehensive entertainment services to its customers and also building up a dynamic developer community.


In addition, 9Game made the official debut of its Xiaoqi Gamepad at the conference, a move marking its first foray into the heated smart gadget area.


Elevate Platform Prowess

Mobile game platforms in China were in their early stage over the past few years, when mobile traffic was all that matters to bring in and grow game players and developers, said Lin Yongsong, Vice President of UCWeb, at the conference. With abundant and far-reaching mobile traffic, it was not that hard for platforms to sign up titles and reach out to gamers in the past.


However, as the mobile game sector also inherits the mobile Internet’s intrinsic nature of quickly evolving, much has changed when it comes to appealing to customers of late, Mr. Lin pointed out. A new platform is expected to elevate its prowess by stepping up efforts not only in distribution but also in areas like computing infrastructure to keep the games up and running smoothly, and game operations to gain and retain players, etc. The scale-up of 9Game’s platform strategy combines existing offerings into across-the-board solutions that meet developers’ different and underserved needs, which is crucial to tiding developers over a competitive market.


“To sum up the current market situation, there’re more opportunities yet higher barriers to entry,” said Mr. Lin. “A new platform will have to deliver what’s beyond traffic and distribution, to provide modularized services such as game operations, game rating, cloud hosting, data analysis, customer care, etc. So developers can choose and combine them to have a totally customized solution that best meets their varied growth demand.”

UCWeb’s 9Game is characterized by its customers’ heavy preference for mid and hard-core titles and their strong inclination to pay for games. According to Mr. Lin, 9Game’s solid top spots position in a grueling market is underpinned by successfully amassing a loyal following of enthusiastic gamers in addition to accessing UC Browser’s massive active user base, which just surpassed 100 million Daily Active Users (DAU) in January this year.

Supernova Program

Last July, 9Game launched a Supernova Developer Support Program in an aim to bolster small developers through technology support and favorable promotions. At today’s conference, 9Game made an update to the program, adding ampler and more material resources to the advantages of developers: offering free cloud services via a partnership with Aliyun, Alibaba Cloud Computing; assisting developers in setting up companies; and revamping the self-service game test system.


Together with Aliyun, 9Game pledged RMB 100 million (approximately USD 16 million) to the program to help developers bring down costs of hardware and server hosting so they can focus on game design and innovations.


First Foray into Gadget Area

9Game also officially debuted its Xiaoqi Gamepad today. The game controller, priced at RMB 99 yuan (approximately USD 16), features state-of-the-art mobile gaming technology, including a 32-bit ARM microcontroller, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip, high capacity battery and USB On-The-Go as well as a high quality and durable shoulder pad and joy stick. It works with most mainstream Android devices, brings a more enjoyable gaming experience to Android phones and tablets by transforming them into a game console.