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  • Earn Money in Indonesia

    2010-11-09 From: IT Manager

    As a company growing up at Chinese market, UC has made Indonesia the new growth engine for its future development. Choosing Indonesia "It's better to stand firmly at overseas market than internationalization ten years later." Driven by this policy, U...

  • Liang Jie UC Technical President: From Five Thousand to One Hundred Million Users: The Past and Futur

    2010-11-08 From: Sohu

    [News of Sohu IT] News of Nov. 8 said, Liang Jie the technical president of UCWeb has told Sohu IT at an exclusive interview after he's being awarded the prize of Zhou Guangzhao Technical Innovation, that the market and economic value created by the...

  • 50 Billion of Monthly Usage With UC All Over the World

    2010-09-30 From: UC Mobile

    (Sept. 25, 2010, Beijing) The UC Mobile Ltd (UC) announce that, the monthly usage of UC Browser has grown beyond 50 billion PVs (PageView) as the world's No. 1 mobile browser. With the average of more than 20,000 pages per second, the UC Browser has...

  • Prelude of Mobile Internet of Asian Storm

    2010-08-26 From: UC

    (Aug. 26, Jakarta, Indonesia) UCWeb a world famous provider of mobile Internet software technology and application services declared today that UC Browser, the sharpest weapon with a widest use in the world for mobile Internet access, was released in...

  • UC Browser, World's Largest Mobile Internet Browser Application. Now Available in Indonesian.

    2010-08-26 From: JAKARTA

    Indonesia is one of the countries with highest Internet user growth in the world, although penetration is still small. Based on reports from various sources...

  • Androids to rule the world

    2010-08-10 From: China Daily

    BEIJING - Android-based handsets may beat Apple's iPhone to dominate China's cellphone market, according to an executive from a mobile Internet firm. Yu Yongfu, chief executive of UC Mobile, China's biggest vendor of mobile Internet browsers...

  • UC Yu Yongfu: To Learn the Internationalization Road of Huawei and Explore B2C Overseas Innovation

    2010-06-10 From: CNET

    CNET News Jun. 9 Beijing (Sun Fenglei) Today, Yu Yongfu UC CEO, at a visit to CBSi China, said that UC road of internationalization should learn from Huawei and explore the B2C overseas road of Chinese companies. Yu Yongfu said, in the past generally...

  • Chinese Companies of Mobile Internet Go Abroad

    2010-05-28 From: First Financial Daily

    In the age of traditional Internet, all successful Chinese companies of Internet had borrowed modes of international companies. However, as the mobile Internet comes, this situation is changing silently. Chinese companies began to output technology....

  • Internationalization 2.0 Leader UCWeb Goes to Overseas Market

    2010-05-28 From: UC

    - UC has strategic cooperation with i-Free: Chinese innovation favoring mobile Internet users of tens of regions and countries in Europe and Asia. (May 27 2010, Beijing) UCWeb a Chinese leading provider of mobile Internet software technology and appl...

  • Yu Yongfu: Social Networking and Gaming are Core Applications of Mobile Internet

    2010-05-20 From: Sohu IT

    [News of Sohu IT] News of May 19: Yu Yongfu UC CEO told Sohu IT today, social networking and gaming are the core applications of mobile Internet. Today UC released officially the formal version of UC Browser 7.2 that supports Flash. UC is to break in...

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