Powerful Ad Blocker Features In UC Browser v6.1

FileHippo 2017-3-2

Improve your online experience with this popular Chrome-based browser.

UC Browser is a fresh looking, Chromium-based browser, that comes packed with all the benefits of Chrome, plus some unique features to make your experience on the internet far more enjoyable.

To make things even better, the latest version of UC Browser, 6.1, features an even more powerful built-in AdBlock function, to help keep those all too familiar pop-ups away. Key features include:

Save time, memory and money

Saves page loading time and data cost by stripping down unnecessary ad content. Requires less memory and CPU resource than other leading ad blockers.

Increased safety

Prevent malicious ad pages from loading – meaning a clean browsing experience once again.

Easy to manage and no extra installation needed

Simply enable AdBlock in Settings>AdBlock, and you’re all set. Need to disable AdBlock on certain sites? Just click the red number on your address bar and check “No longer block this site”. Simple.


Great features

For a long-time UC Browser has been a top choice for the discerning Android user, due to its speed and reliability, and since becoming available for the Windows market UC Browser doesn’t disappoint.


Thanks to its speed and reliability, UC Browser has been a top choice for the discerning Android user for a long time. Since becoming available for the Windows market and UC Browser doesn’t disappoint, thanks to eatures such as a Video/MP3 Grabber, Pop-Out-Video option and a user-friendly Night Mode.

It looks nice as well, and has slick no no-nonsense easy to use buttons, that stay out of your way when browsing and don’t clog up the screen or get in your way.

To download UC Browser 6.1 click here.

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