UC Browser: As Good On Windows As It Is On Android

FileHippo 2017-5-2

Of course it goes without saying that if you own an android phone or tablet already then you’ve probably used UC Browser already, and quite liked it.

UC Browser has been one of the go-to browsers of choice of android users for a number of years, and now it’s also making a fair splash now on Windows as well.


While admittedly it does look and run a bit like Chrome, it also has the same advanced functionality users of Chrome have come to expect. So if you are looking to venture away from the world’s most popular browser and try something a little bit different, you could do a lot worse than try out UC Browser.

And that said, UC Browser for Windows is a sleek looking easy to install and use little browser that has pretty much all features that you would expect from a cutting edge browser, and some nice ones you wouldn’t.

Of course there are a host of custom web extensions and also the option of developer tools but it also has an ace up its sleeve I found particularly interesting. It’s ‘Smooth Browsing’ feature has a nifty gambit in play that loads up photos and links on the fly before you click on them so that they open instantly without any annoying load times. This is nice, and it works seamlessly as well, which makes it even better.

As you might expect for a browser that also features pretty heavily on mobile devices the Cloud Sync option will keep you synced across all your devices, copying your open tabs and bookmarks so you can transition between laptop and phone effortlessly.

UC Browser also comes as standard with dual rendering engines: Chromium’s Blink which works for most things including HTML5, and also Microsoft’s Trident for webpages that have been designed to be used with IE, which is apparently quite essential for many webpages based in China. The browser should also take care of the switching automatically, but there’s a manual toggle in there should you prefer to use that instead. I wasn’t personally able to confirm or deny how well this feature works so I’m just going to take UC devs word for it on this one.

The download manager is also pretty slick.

It also worked on all 5 of my test machines that run both Windows 10 and Windows 8, so compatibility doesn’t seem to be an issue.

As always though, the true test of a browser comes down to two aspects: Fun, and ease of use……

Well as I’ve already stated, UC Browser is simple to use, and with the somewhat quirky but effective customization speed dials, add-ons and unique themes available, it also qualifies as fun.

All things considered, perhaps the best thing about UC Browser is just the fresh perspective it takes for an internet browser. Whether that’s due to its mobile small screen origins or not is debatable, but if you want to try something new or just feel like a change, UC Browser is certainly worth giving a shot.

You can download it from Filehippo, here.

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