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Why can't I save my passwords and forms?

Probably because of the loss of cookies. Login cookies are saved on your handset, while login cookies of WWW websites are saved on UC's servers. If you change your access point or reinstall UC Browser, these saved cookies will be lost. Furthermore, using the function "Clear Data" in Settings will also clear parts of your user data, including cookies.
At present, the saving of passwords and forms are not supported on QQ or for banking websites because of the security settings of these websites.

How can I find the right version for my mobile phone?

Please visit UCWeb's official website at http://wap.ucweb.com to download the proper version for your mobile phone brand and model. If you cannot find your phone model, please choose the version by platform.
You can also visit Google Play, and search 'UC Browser' to get the installation package.

Why is my browsing speed is so slow?

The reasons for slow Internet speed may be:
1. Your local network condition. When there are too many users online, the network can get overloaded and that would make your Internet speed slow.
2. You can try to switch to Lite in Website Preferences in Settings, so that the browser will load the lite version of the page and this will make the speed faster, especially for Google and Facebook.
3. If the slow speed is only for some sites, you can use your phone's built-in browser to visit these sites to see if the situation is the same. If yes, then it is that web site's issue. If no, and you can visit these sites without any problem with your built-in browser, please report this problem to us.

Why has my download failed or why can't I download a file?

Try downloading the file with your phone's built-in browser. If it can't be downloaded by the built-in browser, try switching Cloud Acceleration on or off or change the saved path. If the problem persists, please provide the following information to us to help solve this problem:
1. Mobile phone model
2. Mobile IMEI: you can enter *#06# in dial status to view it
3. UC Browser version (including date)
4. URL of the file attempting to be downloaded
5. Error message
6. Your contact information

Why is my download speed so slow?

Slow downloading speed is usually your network's issue. You can contact your local network operator for advice. It may be also because of your handset's capabilities, please try to avoid downloading too many files at the same time.

Why do I get an Error Code 17 when downloading files?

An Error Code 17 appears because the website isn't returning data. This is that website's issue. We suggest you use your phone's built-in browser and try to download it that way. If this problem persists, let us know so we can fix it.

Will the preload function reduce my data usage?

The preload function enables you to preload the content of next page to save you time. Your data usage will not change whether you use the preload function or not.

How can I view the content on my clipboard?

After you use "Select and Copy", you will get a notification: "Copied to clipboard. Please long press the text box to paste." Long press the text box and you will find an option "Clipboard" in the drop-down list.

How can I clear the content on my clipboard?

You can use "Clear Data" in the application manger of the mobile phone platform to clear content on your clipboard. (Note: This action will delete all the data in the browser, including files, settings, account, database and so on.)

How can I view my browsing history in UC Browser 8.4 for Android?

Click the star-like icon at the top left corner of the Homepage to find your history and bookmarks. You can also find history by Menu > Bookmarks.

Why does UC Browser crash once it's in the background?

Please contact UC Customer Service and provide the following information to help us solve this problem:
1. Phone model
2. Mobile IMEI: you can enter *#06# in dial status to view it
3. UC Browser version (including date)
4. Crash type: foreground or background
    Foreground: crashes when you are using UC Browser
    Background: crashes when UC Browser is running in the background
    Frequency: How often the crash occurs
5. the URL you were at when UC Browser crashed
6. Crash circumstances: what you did to cause the crash, such as swiped the screen, long pressed, or if it crashed with no action taken.
7. Your contact information

If you haven't already, please activate the option "Join UX Improvement Program" on (Settings > Advanced Settings > Others).

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